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Djúpavatn ,  Reykjanes


I'm trying to write something to sum up the time that has gone by since we wrote last. Blogging has turned out to be harder than we expected. Not so much taking the time to do it, but rather grappling with the self-criticism that comes with knowing that many people might read what we're writing. Most of all, it's about trying to make up our minds about what exactly it is we want to share. Do we want the blog to be light and inspiring, maybe with some tips and tricks about van life or what to do in Iceland? Or do we maybe rather want to share our more real and close fears and disappointments, what has been difficult, how our relationship has fared while living in such close quarters for so many months, what our hopes for the future are and why in fact we moved into a van in the first place? If it's the latter, do we actually, really wish to share all that with the hundreds of strangers and friends that stumble upon our blog? Or do we maybe want to keep it to ourselves?

And that's where blog writing becomes harder than we expected.

As the weeks go by since the latest post, the pressure increases to write something even better. Maybe had we written weekly to begin with, it would have been easier to find a balance between the light and the heavy, between writing informational and useful things for others, and writing out feelings and thoughts - so much more important for ourselves and for processing what's happening.

Getting more followers on Instagram also diverted us from simply writing and not thinking more about it. We started thinking about all the other vanlife blogs we had encountered during our research before our departure. Many of them had been helpful and easy-going, and some of them even seemed to be able to make a living off of sharing their experiences of living in a van. Could that be something for us as well? In that case, it would be another reason not to write too casually, but rather focus on what content would sell. Write only what other people expected, hoped and wanted to read. With that thought, our ambition and motivation to write more often truly died. Writing to sell didn't suit us very well, but then on the other hand, if we were too shy to share our feelings and thoughts, what was the point of even having a blog to begin with?

So from now on, we're going to try the casual way. The blog may end up containing ramblings about the realisations made by living in a van, or it might end up just containing hummus recipes and van life gifs. We're going to try flowing with what feels right, and not consider what our potential readers want to hear all too much. We really enjoy going through our old Instagram posts, reading the texts, transporting ourselves back and helping the memory. So if nothing else, I think we're going to enjoy going through old blog posts as well.

Bear with us as we try to figure out in what direction we want this blog to go, as we simultaneously try to figure out in what direction we want our lives to go. If you drift is not only about our style for travelling. It continues even after the van has been cleaned out, after we've answered all the questions about what Iceland was like, after we've been home for a long enough time that toilets, refrigerators, showers, coffee-machines and space to stand up straight are no longer viewed upon with grateful tears in our eyes, but as the commonplace things of daily life. If you drift continues as we look onwards, to the next step, the next wish and the next dream. If you want to follow along as we try to figure our shit out, we're genuinely happy to have you.

We're not going to write purely to sell, but we're maybe not going to write out what's nearest to our hearts either. We're going to try writing for ourselves, for a while, and see if maybe that is something you want to read as well.

Oscar contemplating the difficulties of blog writing. Westfjords, Iceland. 

Oscar contemplating the difficulties of blog writing. Westfjords, Iceland. 

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